Monday, July 6, 2009

Summer First Aid: Using Essential Oils

By M. Cissy Majebe, L.Ac.

As we enter the summer season, there are a number of hazards to which we are exposed. These include insect bites, bee stings, sunburn and a greater likelihood of scrapes and tears, as children and adults alike return to playing outside.

Essential oils are a great way to treat many of these aggravations.

You may have tried essential oils in the past, but it is important that you have good quality oils. I do not recommend the essential oils that are purchased in local retail stores. There are oils that are used for aromatherapy, and there are oils that are medical grade. Medical grade essential oils can be used topically and internally. Oils that are not medical grade are often extracted with solvents or could be adulterated with less expensive or less pure oils.

Here are a few recommendations for using essential oils in this upcoming season. Before using essential oils, remember to only utilize medical grade oils for topical applications.


· Use Tea Tree, Ho Leaf and Eucalyptus Radiata essential oils
· Blend 20 drops of Tea Tree, 10 drops of Ho Leaf, 10 drops of Eucalyptus Radiata
· Apply directly to the area of the bee sting every one half hour until discomfort reduces and then 4-6 times a day


· Use a combination of Niaouli, Lavender and Frankincense
· Blend 10 drops of both Niaouli and Frankincense, and 20 drops of Lavender in a one third ounce of almond oil
· Apply topically to the area of the burn every hour while awake until the discomfort is relieved