Friday, July 3, 2009

Remedies for Home and Travel

By Joshua Herr, L.Ac.

We have often been asked, "What herbs should I take with me while I'm traveling out of the country?" or "What herbs do you keep in your medicine cabinet at home?"

These inquiries have led us to compile remedy kits for our patients.

We have 3 Chinese Herbal Medicine kits available for purchase at CAC:
  • Home Remedy Kit
  • Travel Kit
  • Children's Home Remedies Booster Kit
Designed to treat common ailments, each kit comes with complete instructions on its application and dosing guidelines based on age.

The Children's Home Remedy Kit is comprised of tinctures and essential oil remedies. This allows the parent to have immediate access to a remedy so that treatment can begin quickly. We find that having access to herbal remedies at home and being able to begin treatment early can drastically shorten the duration of illness.

If there are questions about dosing or you are unsure which remedy would be the best choice for you or your child, one of our practitioners would be pleased to provide you with guidance.