Monday, June 15, 2009

Huff Puff Qi Gong

By Blake Crownover, L.Ac.

The Huff Puff Qi Gong DVD instructed by Jeffrey Yuen is available at no charge to the community at the Chinese Acupuncture and Herbology Clinic.

Huff Puff Qi Gong is one of the easiest forms of Qi Gong for a person to learn. Though the exercises are simple they can have a strong dynamic affect on the body.

One can use the exercises to treat anything from jet lag and hypertension to cancer and chronic degenerative diseases.

In China, there have been multiple cases where those who have practiced Huff Puff Qi Gong to treat chronic degenerative diseases have succeeded through regular practice in curing their illness.

When beginning the Huff Puff Qi Gong practice, it is important to consider three main aspects:

1) Breathing
2) Posture
3) Intention


Huff Puff Qi Gong is a form of Qi Gong that focuses particularly on one's breathing technique. Therefore, the diaphragm is a particular focus for these exercises. Contracting the diaphragm (raising one's trunk) with several inhales through one's nose makes a sound like Huff, and dilating the diaphragm (lowering one's trunk) with one's exhale through one's mouth makes a sound like Puff.

In Huff Puff Qi Gong, it is fundamentally important that the inhale Huff is a few short, quick, yet strong breaths in comparison to the exhale Puff which should be one, long, quick, yet strong breath. This breathing strategy enables the practitioner of Huff Puff Qi Gong, to increase the amount of carbon dioxide exhaled, enhancing one's detoxification.


Huff Puff is a form of walking Qi Gong that begins focus on posture by aligning one's body into a particular structure. Structure/posture in Qi Gong is important because it provides an ideal opportunity for the individual to gain awareness of Qi by following a few principles in which the body is more open, receptive and relaxed.

The posture begins by first standing with feet shoulder width apart and then grounding oneself in this posture by dropping one's tailbone. To support this grounding, it is good to place one's intention on KI 1, otherwise known as Bubbling Spring, at the center of the sole of one's foot, and further imagining his/her toes are like roots growing into the ground.

Next, it is important to create a counter balance for this by lifting up at the top of one's head at Du 20, otherwise known as Bai Wei. This lifting and grounding counterbalance creates an environment in which the tension builds at one's center, also known as the abdominal/trunk region.

With the combination of one's tension and breath, the body creates a pumping action that increases circulation at one's center, nourishing his/her viscera/internal organs. This helps cleanse the body of any illnesses that may be present there.

The next important aspect of posture is to place one's thumbs in his/her navel, therefore forming a triangle with his/her hands over one's lower belly. Also known as the lower dante en/elixir field, this elixir field is known in many traditions to be essential for promoting long life when over time one nurtures and stores his/her energy there.


Holding in your mind your personal goals for health makes this exercise as much a meditation, as it is a physical movement.

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