Friday, May 29, 2009

Massage: The Solution For Your Low Back Pain

By Craig Hargett, LMBT #8737

Low back pain is one of the most common results of becoming more active in the warm weather. Left untreated, it can cause other muscular problems in the body. As we attempt to find relief from our back pain, we can recruit and strain secondary muscles, thereby creating new aches and pains.

How can we break the cycle? Massage.

Massage is especially effective for low back pain, because it
  • increases the circulation of blood and Qi,
  • releases endorphins, which are our bodies' natural pain killers, and
  • relaxes muscle tension at specific motor and acupressure points.
Trigger Point Therapy is a Western technique that correlates to accupressure points on the body. Trigger Points are specific areas, where highly sensitive nerves innervate muscle tissue. Because of their increased sensitivity, these nerves are prone to overstimulation.

The result: a pain-spasm-pain cycle.

Making a massage appointment is ideal at the first sign of low back pain, before it gets any worse. In the meantime, you can try self-massage on a few Trigger Points.

Two Trigger Points for the low back, which are also acupressure points, include Urinary Bladder 23 and Urinary Bladder 52. To locate these points:
  • Place your hands just above your hipbones, while cupping the palms of your hands around your waist, with your thumbs pointing up your back.
  • Where your thumbs press into your back, you will feel your paraspinal muscles, which run along the spine.
  • Urinary Bladder 52 is located at the outer edge of the paraspinal muscle.
  • Urinary Bladder 23 is found in the belly of this muscle, about midway from Urinary Bladder 52 to the spine.
  • To massage, push with even pressure into each of these points while breathing deeply as you notice the muscles begin to relax.
From all of us at CAC, we wish you a pain-free and active season enjoying the warm weather!

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